Coming to Church FAQs



Who can come to church – are there any restrictions?

If you, or anyone in your household, is self-isolating or has been asked to do so, you shouldn’t come to church – even if you’re not showing any symptoms. Otherwise, it’s entirely up to you. If you are in a high risk or extremely vulnerable category, you may feel it’s not appropriate for you to come, but we won’t turn you away. Everyone who comes will be welcomed.


Do I need to book?

Yes. The number of people we can have at church is limited, so we need to have a booking system. If you turn up without booking, it is possible that we may have a spare place, but this is not guaranteed, so we would prefer that everyone books.


Can I book for more than one service at a time?

No – we will just take bookings for one service at a time.


Can I book by email?

No. We are only taking bookings by phone, so that everyone has an equal opportunity.


How many people can come to a service?

We have spaces for 16 individual people. Couples and families may sit together, which will increase the number we can accommodate. The ushers and the minister will not count towards this total.


What about children?

Children are welcome to come, but must sit with their parents or carers. There won’t be any special provisions for children (like Sunday School), as the services are short.  


What time do I need to arrive?

You should arrive about 10 minutes before the service. If you come earlier, you may have to wait outside a little longer.


What if I need assistance?

Please tell us when you book if you will need any kind of assistance. When you come to church, an usher will look after you.


What is Test & Protect?

Test & Protect is the Scottish government contact tracing scheme to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We are obliged to collect contact details (name and phone number) of everyone who comes into the church. We will usually ask you for your phone number when you book; if not, you can give us the details when you come to church or you can opt to use the Tap My Data app if you prefer. You can find details of Tap My Data in “Coming to a midweek church service”.


Do I need a mask? What if I don’t have one? What if I can’t wear one?

You should bring a mask with you and put it on before coming into the church. You will then need to wear it until you leave. If you don’t have a mask, or forget to bring one, please ask an usher, who will give you one. If you can’t wear a mask for medical reasons, please let an usher know.


Can I bring a cushion?

If you feel you need a cushion to sit on, you may bring one, but please keep it with you at all times, ideally in a small bag when you’re not using it.


Can I bring my own Bible?

You should bring as few personal belongings with you as possible – but if you would particularly like to bring a Bible, you may. You should keep it with you at all times and try not to put it down on the pew.


Do I need to bring hand sanitiser?

No – we have automatic dispensers in the vestibule and bottles of sanitiser elsewhere.


Will it be cold in the church?

The heating will be on, so it shouldn’t be cold. You may need to wait outside for a while, though, so you should dress for the weather.


Can I choose where to sit?

No – an usher will show you where to sit.


Can I sit with a friend?

No. Only people from the same household may sit together.


Can we sing?

No – singing isn’t allowed. You may hum along to the hymns, if you wish!


Can we say The Lord’s Prayer?

Yes, but you should say it quietly to yourself and only if you are wearing a mask.


Will there be an offering?

We won’t uplift an offering, but there will be a box available on the way out for anyone who wishes to donate.


Will the toilet be available?

Yes. An usher will direct you, to make sure it isn’t already in use. When you finish, you should use the disinfectant wipes provided to clean everywhere you’ve touched, such as taps and the door handle.


How long will the service be?

About 30-35 minutes.


Will there be tea and coffee afterwards?

No – this isn’t allowed. After the service, you should leave promptly and not stand around talking to other people, as this may contravene Scottish government guidance.