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Order of Service for Sunday 23rd January 2022

Serving The King… in Difficult Days and Uncertain Times


A warm welcome to worship!  May you know God’s presence and power and that you are among friends in the family of God!


Our theme is Serving the King: Living for Jesus 24/7.  Today our focus is on serving God during difficult times.  Most of the material in the sermon is from Patrick Sookhdeo’s book ‘Lifting Up the Downcast’.


The service of thanksgiving for Maureen Hudson will be held tomorrow at 10am at Stirlingshire Crematorium and all are welcome.


The Church is Open for prayer this Wednesday from 10am-12noon.


Next Sunday, we hope to meet in church at 11am to worship God and to think more about how we can serve King Jesus in our lives today.


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We are keen to recruit someone with the skills and enthusiasm to take on the role of Health and Safety Co-ordinator.  If you are interested in finding out what is involved, please contact Jeanette MacIntyre at


We are also looking for a volunteer to ensure we are complying with Food Hygiene rules and requirements.  For more information, please speak to Sheila Webster at


If you need pastoral care or any extra support, please contact:

Rev. Graham Nash, on 442068 or

Angela Samson, our Wellbeing Coordinator on 07977 342022 or

Kathleen Davidson, our Pastoral Group leader on 471168

Graeme Fotheringham, our Wellbeing elder on 07887 824055.


To be in Your presence

To sit at Your feet

Where Your love surrounds me

And makes me complete.


This is my desire, O Lord

This is my desire.

This is my desire, O Lord

This is my desire.


To rest in Your presence

Not rushing away;

To cherish each moment

Here I would stay.


Welcome and notices


Call to worship          Isaiah 12.2


Sing to God new songs of worship

All His deeds are marvellous;

He has brought salvation to us

With His hand and holy arm:

He has shown to all the nations

Righteousness and saving power;

He recalled His truth and mercy

To His people Israel.


Sing to God new songs of worship

Earth has seen His victory;

Let the lands of earth be joyful

Praising Him with thankfulness:

Sound upon the harp His praises,

Play to Him with melody;

Let the trumpets sound His triumph,

Show your joy to God the king!


Sing to God new songs of worship

Let the sea now make a noise;

All on earth and in the waters,

Sound your praises to the Lord!

Let the hills be joyful together,

Let the rivers clap their hands,

For with righteousness and justice

He will come to judge the earth.


Prayer of approach to God


Together Time         


You put a tune in my heart

You put a song on my lips

When I wake up each morning

You've sewn up my rips

You died on the cross

So I could be set free

I'll show my love to You

As you show Your love to me.


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

To You I sing my praise.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

God of mercy and of grace.


You make me want to dance

You make me want to sing

Since I know I'm with You

My heart knows You're its King.

I can speak to You each day

In such a simple way

I just open up my mouth

And all I do is pray.


Your arms open wide

To gather us in

Like a shepherd and his sheep

You save us from sin

You are holy, O Lord

And You reign from above

Still You're here through Your Spirit

And guide us in love.


Bible reading             Psalm 42.1-11


How firm a foundation, you saints of the Lord,

Is laid for your faith in His excellent word;

What more can He say than to you He has said,

You who unto Jesus for refuge have fled?


Fear not, He is with you, O be not dismayed;

For He is your God, and will still give you aid;

He'll strengthen you, help you, and cause you to stand,

Upheld by His righteous, omnipotent hand.


In every condition, in sickness, in health,

In poverty's vale, or abounding in wealth;

At home and abroad, on the land, on the sea,

As your days may demand shall your strength ever be.


When through the deep waters He calls you to go,

The rivers of grief shall not you overflow;

For He will be with you in trouble to bless,

And sanctify to you your deepest distress.


The soul that on Jesus has leaned for repose,

He will not, He will not, desert to its foes;

That soul, though all hell should endeavour to shake,

He’ll never, no never, no never forsake.




Live a life of…

(1) desire for God

(2) delight in God

(3) dependence on God

(4) devotion to God


My life flows on in endless song

Above earth’s lamentation:

I catch the sweet, though far off, hymn

That hails a new creation.


No storm can shake my inmost calm

While to that Rock I'm clinging.

Since Love is Lord of heaven and earth,

How can I keep from singing?


Through all the tumult and the strife,

I hear that music ringing.

It finds an echo in my soul --

How can I keep from singing?


What though my joys and comforts die?

The Lord, my Saviour, liveth.

What though the darkness round me close?

Songs in the night He giveth.


The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart,

A fountain ever springing.

All things are mine since I am His!

How can I keep from singing?


Prayer of thanksgiving and intercession


I know not why God’s wondrous grace

To me hath been made known;

Nor why, unworthy as I am,

He claimed me for His own.


But I know whom I have believed;

And am persuaded that He is able

To keep that which I’ve committed

Unto Him against that day.


I know not how this saving faith

To me He did impart;

Or how believing in His Word

Wrought peace within my heart.


I know not how the Spirit moves,

Convincing men of sin;

Revealing Jesus through the Word,

Creating faith in Him.


I know not what of good or ill

May be reserved for me,

Of weary ways or golden days

Before His face I see.




I love You, Lord, for You have delivered me

I love You, Lord, for You have delivered

My soul from death, my feet from stumbling

I will walk in the land of the living.

My soul from death, my feet from stumbling

I will walk in the land of the living.


I will bless You, Lord, for You heard my cry

I reached out my hand and You saved my life.

I will bless You, Lord, for You heard my plea

And the God of Heaven turned His ear to me.


I will bless You, Lord, for unending love

For Your grace and mercy raining down from above

And I will bless You, Lord, to the very end

I will call on You as long as I may live.




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