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Order of Service

Sunday 19th March 2023

Mark My Words (12): Death and Glory


Welcome to worship!  The service will be led by our minister.  Tea and coffee will be served afterwards in the Church Hall.


The Kirk Session meets this Monday at 7pm in the Church Hall.


The Oasis group will meet on Tuesday from 10.30am in the Church Hall for a Craft Session.  Everyone welcome!


CambusBairns is on this Wednesday from 9.15-10.30am in the Church Hall for pre-school children and their parents/carers.


Our Community Hub is open on Wednesday from 11am-4pm with a soup lunch available from 12-1.30pm.  Come and enjoy the warmth of friendship, hot drinks and games.  Quiet space/prayer room upstairs.


Knit and Natter is on Thursday from 10am-12noon in the Church Hall.


Explore the Bible! is on Thursday at 7pm in the Church Hall when we will look at Ruth 4.  Question sheets for previous weeks are available in the vestibule.


Next Sunday our service is at 11am and will be led by our minister.

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Welcome and notices


Call to worship    Psalm 113.5-6,3 (p.614)


Creation sings the Father’s song;                         MP 1268    

He calls the sun to wake the dawn

And run the course of day,

Till evening falls in crimson rays.

His fingerprints in flakes of snow,

His breath upon this spinning globe,

He charts the eagle’s flight,

Commands the newborn baby’s cry.



Let all creation stand and sing: “Hallelujah!”

Fill the earth with songs of worship,

Tell the wonders of creation’s King.


Creation gazed upon His face;

The ageless One in time’s embrace,

Unveiled the Father’s plan

Of reconciling God and man.

A second Adam walked the earth,

Whose blameless life would break the curse,

Whose death would set us free

To live with Him eternally.


Creation longs for His return,

When Christ shall reign upon the earth;

The bitter wars that rage

Are birth pains of a coming age.

When He renews the land and sky,

All heaven will sing and earth reply

With one resplendent theme:

The glory of our God and King.


Prayer of approach to God


Together Time     Mothering Sunday


Now thank we all our God,                         MP 486

With heart and hands and voices,      

Who wondrous things has done,

In whom His world rejoices;

Who from our mothers’ arms

Has blessed us on our way

With countless gifts of love,

And still is ours today.


O may this bounteous God

Through all our life be near us,

With ever joyful hearts

And blessèd peace to cheer us;

And keep us in His grace,

And guide us when perplexed;

And free us from all ills,

In this world and the next!


All praise and thanks to God,

The Father now be given;

The Son and Him who reigns

With Them in highest Heaven;

The one eternal God,

Whom earth and Heaven adore;

For thus it was, is now,

And shall be evermore.


Bible Reading      Mark 8.27-9.13 (p.1012)


I believe in God the Father,                        EMU Music

Mighty and eternal Lord

He alone is the Creator,

Forming all things by His word

I believe in our Lord Jesus,

God’s own Son who came to earth

Born a man, by the Spirit,

By a virgin given birth.


Sing praise to the Father,

To the Spirit and the Son

Sing praise to our holy God,

Forever three in one.


I believe that Jesus suffered,

On the cross He bore my shame

I believe that He was buried,

Then triumphant rose again

Glorified, He has ascended,

Seated at the Father’s side.

He will come again in judgement,

Justice will be satisfied.


I believe the Holy Spirit

Comes to us from Christ above

I believe the church is holy,

One communion in God's love

I believe I am forgiven

Through the sacrifice of Christ

I believe in resurrection

And in everlasting life.




'Take up your cross,' the Saviour said,                MP 935 v.1-5

'if you would my disciple be;

Deny yourself, the world forsake

And humbly follow after me.'


Take up your cross; let not its weight

Fill your weak spirit with alarm:

His strength shall bear your spirit up,

And brace your heart, and nerve your arm.


Take up your cross, nor heed the shame,

Nor let your foolish pride rebel:

Your Lord for you the cross endured

To save your soul from death and Hell.


Take up your cross, then, in His strength,

And calmly every danger brave;

‘Twill guide you to a better home,

And lead to victory o'er the grave.


Take up your cross, and follow Christ,

Nor think till death to lay it down;

For only those who bear the cross

May hope to wear the glorious crown.


Prayer of thanksgiving and intercession


I cannot tell why He, whom angels worship,                MP 266

Should set His love upon the sons of men,

Or why, as shepherd, He should seek the wanderers,

To bring them back, they know not how or when.

But this I know, that He was born of Mary,

When Bethlehem’s manger was His only home,

And that He lived at Nazareth and laboured

And so the Saviour, Saviour of the world, is come.


I cannot tell how silently He suffered,

As with His peace He graced this place of tears,

Or how His heart upon the cross was broken,

The crown of pain to three and thirty years.

But this I know, He heals the broken-hearted,

And stays our sin, and calms our lurking fear,

And lifts the burden from the heavy laden,

For yet the Saviour, Saviour of the world, is here.


I cannot tell how He will win the nations,

How He will claim His earthly heritage,

How satisfy the needs and aspirations

Of east and west, of sinner and of sage.

But this I know, all flesh shall see His glory,

And He shall reap the harvest He has sown,

And some glad day His sun will shine in splendour

When He the Saviour, Saviour of the world, is known.


I cannot tell how all the lands shall worship,

When, at His bidding, every storm is stilled,

Or who can say how great the jubilation

When all the hearts of men with love are filled.

But this I know, the skies will thrill with rapture,

And myriad, myriad human voices sing,

And earth to heaven, and heaven to earth, will answer,

“At last the Saviour, Saviour of the world, is King.”




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