Prayer Net  -  January 2021 

Week 1: A new year – a new day!                                                         Friday 1st to Saturday 9th January

‘I will sing of your love and justice. I will praise you, Lord, with songs.’ Psalm 101: 1  New Living Translation (NLT)

Resolutions to keep!! Read Psalm 101 right through – it reads like a list of New Year resolutions – ‘I will do this’…. ‘I will do that’….. (at least 10 ‘I will’) - and what a great set of best intentions he shares with us! In our devotions this week - let’s begin the year by reviewing the condition of our lives by the standard of David’s intentions – and then pray we may be given God’s help to aspire to and fulfil such aspirations.

1.      Seeking after God’s Love and Justice (Ps 101:1-2) - Consider God’s love and justice towards you – and yours. Give thanks for the ways and events in which God has blessed you and enabled you to overcome the pressures of life and the unfairness of society.

2.      'Walking the walk’! Live an authentic life! (Ps 101:1-5) – review how, when you have walked in God’s ways, you have been strengthened, given peace, been effective – and felt enriched. Give thanks for those times and pray for God’s help to live every day in integrity.

3.      Living discerning lives that daily keep us strong in faith (Ps 101:6,7) – asking God to give you the strength and resolve to resist the untruths offered within our culture and popular myths of our time and be influenced by the company of people who love God’s ways and speak words of truth and life.

4.      Seeking out fellowship with other believers (Ps 101:6,7) – influencing them and being influenced by them for everyone’s benefit and good.  Pray for our church and church fellowship and all those laid on your heart by the Spirit.

5.      ‘Ferret out’!!! (Ps 101: 8 NLT)  David’s role as King included ‘ferreting out’ criminals and those who would inflict injustice on others. Our role is to spread the good news of salvation and we should be determined to ‘ferret out’ those who need to hear this good news today and every day. Pray you may be as determined and effective in your role. Each day pray: ‘Lord show me today where and when there is an opportunity for me to share my faith and salvation, today .. and tomorrow…and every day.   



 Week 2:  God’s forever love!                                                        Sunday 10th to Saturday 16th January

‘’O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.’ Psalm 136: 1 (NLT)

Let us give thanks! This phrase – ‘His faithful love endures forever’ is repeated 26 times in this Psalm alone!! The Psalmist has so much to thank God for – and so much cause to praise Him! Let us reflect on all that God has done for us and all He has been to us in this past year in particular.  It is so easy to say, ‘What a terrible year this has been – as we have endured this pandemic!’ It is as easy to spread a mood of misery and self-pity that is as transmissible as COVID itself! Like coping with the virus, it is our choice to spread ‘downbeat’ thinking or to spread the assurance, hope, confidence and expectation that faith and thankful reflections can bring. Let us give thanks and build that sense of expectation that will breathe life into this coming year.

Give thanks for our minister Graham and his clear and faithful explanation of God’s Word whether in church, online or on CD. Keep bringing Graham to God daily in your prayers and expect God to keep him, inspire him and help him lead us – ‘for His faithful love endures forever.’

Give thanks for the ‘Wellbeing’ Activities for Graeme in his willingness as lead Elder and thank God for Angela and her teams in various activities – ‘Soup and Smile’ and keeping in touch with people who, because of COVID, are more isolated by lockdown conditions. Pray the Group may be blessed and be a blessing in their Christian service – and refresh them in spirit also.

Give thanks for the Pastoral Group who continue to provide pastoral support, love and companionship to the elderly, housebound and frail in mind or body. At times this work is emotionally very demanding and so pray for the members of this team you know. It can also be very rewarding – pray that the visited and the visitors may enjoy rich and nourishing friendship and fellowship.

Give thanks and rejoice in the work amongst our church families! It is so heartening to know that they have been able to keep contact with each other. Give thanks for the leaders who have worked hard and creatively to ensure our families meet, continue to learn and grow in faith, share activities and fellowship. Give thanks for the creative contributions to the Christmas Services and the great witness to our village community who have shared how the manger nativity scene has spoken to them and even revived their faith!

Give thanks for the House Groups that have managed to continue where the members have access to Internet and Zoom. The groups have been a blessing to those engaged in them. Give thanks for the Men’s Walking Group fellowship and discussions of faith by Zoom meetings. Rejoice with them in thanking God -  ‘for His faithful love endures forever!’          


Week 3: Counting on HIM!                                                             Sunday 17th to Saturday 23rd January

 ‘From the depths of despair, O Lord I call for your help. Hear my cry, O Lord. Pay attention to my prayer.’ Psalm 130: 1 (NLT)

Many experienced real despair during last year, even to the point where they have been so bold as to tell God to ‘Pay attention to my prayer!’ They have been desperately in need of God’s presence, power and love in their lives. David knows, from experience that in his plight he must turn to God and seek His help. Sometimes in these circumstances we find ourselves asking others to ‘pray for us, please’. Let us think of those who are finding this period of pandemic bringing them to their knees – and are in need of our prayers:

Pray for our NHS – give thanks for all those who are going to work every day risking the danger of contracting COVID, working long hours in extreme circumstances, overwhelmed by the needs of the very ill and experiencing exhaustion and burn-out. Pray for them all – doctors, nurses, carers, porters, admin staff, ambulance and paramedics crews and GP Practitioners. Also, let them know you are upholding them in prayer.

Pray for business owners and their staff: many hard-working owners of businesses large and small are facing closure of their businesses and livelihood. Many staff are now unemployed and worried about how they, and their families are going to manage. Take them to our Lord in prayer and let them know we are earnestly asking God to help them at this time.

Pray for our schools, teachers, staff and pupils: give thanks for the dedication of teachers and for their gifts and calling that enable them to teach and nurture our children. Pray for teachers and pupils known to you – take their concerns to God in prayer.

Pray for all those awaiting treatments and operations for conditions that require urgent treatment that the NHS cannot currently provide. Pray for those you know –and let them know you are praying for them.

Make it personal and practical - ask God to show you who you can help and comfort and ask Him to show you how you can help.

Continue to pray for those living alone or in isolation – believe that as you pray, the people you are praying for will already be receiving a sense of the presence of God and enjoying the assurance that faith can bring.

Pray for those overwhelmed by depression: many at this time are experiencing depression brought on by the current situation. Pray that, like David, they will look to their Lord and Saviour and put their faith and trust in HIM. ‘I am counting on the Lord, yes, I am counting on him, I have put my hope in his word. ……hope in the Lord; for with the Lord there is unfailing love and an overflowing supply of salvation.’ Psalm 130: 5-7 (NLT)



Week 4: Pray for the World!             Sunday 24th to Sunday 31st January

From the depths of despair, O Lord I call for your help. Hear my cry, O Lord. Pay attention to my prayer.’ Psalm 130: 1 (NLT)

The pandemic of ‘calls for help’!!! We are looking at the same text as last week - because it is not just the people of Cambusbarron, or Scotland or the UK that are calling for help – there are nations across the world, warring tribes, persecuted faith groups, never-ending poverty, disease-ridden communities, inhumane injustices and cultures of acceptance of endless despair as their lot in life. We need to pray for these people everywhere. History has demonstrated that humans can show great inhumanity to their fellows – and millions of people have come to expect little or nothing from life.

Pay attention to my prayer for those crying out for help!!  Can you not hear the cries of many people in these trying circumstances? They are saying, ‘Pay attention to my prayer’ and will welcome your prayers to God for them! There are so many conflicts, so many instances of injustice that we cannot highlight them all here. Let us therefore, as we read our newspapers, listen to News on TV or follow our Christian missionaries in their work – pray with meaning for those we believe are crying out for God’s help – let us pay attention to their prayers.

Pray for countries involved in civil war: destroying their own peoples, destroying their own architecture and history and devastating their own communities. In their despair, many recognise that in human terms their problems have no solution and their prospects for life seem very bleak – let’s hear their cries, pay attention to their prayers – and take then to the Lord in prayer!’

Pray again for the persecuted churches and Christians who suffer for their faith. There are so many parts of the world where Christians cannot worship in freedom and are punished for their faith. Pray they may find strength from knowing they are on the victor’s side – ‘His ever-expanding government of peace’ will prevail!

Pray for Europe – as we leave the EU and its Common Market, let’s pray for the nations of Europe. Give thanks for the positive impact of Christianity over the centuries, but remember the many troubled periods and pray for those still living with the consequences.

Pray for our Government as it leads us into our future. Pray our nations will return to God and revive and renew the role of Christianity in our nations.

 Above all, pray for those seeking God – pray they may experience the joy of salvation and sins forgiven! ‘Lord, if you kept a record of our sins, who would survive? But you offer forgiveness, that we might learn to fear you.’ Psalm 130: 2,3 (NLT)