Palm Sunday Service - Order of Worship

Sunday 5th April 2020 

Be still, my soul, The Lord is on thy side

Bear patiently, the cross of grief or pain

Leave to thy God, to order and provide

In every change, He faithful will remain

Be still, my soul, thy best thy heavenly friend

Through thorny ways, leads to a joyful end


Be still, my soul, thy God doth undertake

To guide the future as He has the past

Thy hope, thy confidence, let nothing shake

All now mysterious shall be bright at last

Be still, my soul, the waves and wind still know

His voice who ruled them while He dwelt below


In You I rest, in You I found my hope

In You I trust, You never let me go

I place my life within Your hands alone

Be still, my soul


Be still, my soul, the hour is hastening on

When we shall be forever with the Lord

When disappointment, grief and fear are gone

Sorrow forgot, love's purest joys restored

Be still, my soul, when change and tears are past

All safe and blessed, we shall meet at last


Welcome and Notices


Holy Week services

Services will be recorded in advance so join us if you can

this Thursday at 7pm and on Good Friday at 7pm.

Join us for our online Easter Celebration next Sunday at 11am.

CDs of these services will be delivered to those who need them.


Let us pray:

The April edition of Prayer Net is available here

Dave the Donkey Activity Book available here 

 Light a candle and pray every Sunday evening at 7pm

Set aside some time at the start and end of each day to pray

Phone a friend and pray together

Check the Prayer section of our website for more ideas.


Let us love one another:

Try to keep in touch, especially with those living on their own

Keep an eye on our website – check out the new Wellbeing section

Email Graham so we can create an email list of the congregation

On Facebook, connect with Graham Nash (Bruce Memorial Church)

Join our Wellbeing group on WhatsApp – ask Angela for details. 

If you need pastoral care or any extra support, please contact:

Rev. Graham Nash, on 442068 or

Angela Samson, our Wellbeing Coordinator on 07977 342022 or

Kathleen Davidson, our Pastoral Group leader on 471168

Graeme Fotheringham, our Wellbeing elder on 07887 824055. 

‘Rejoice greatly O Daughter of Zion!  Shout Daughter of Jerusalem!

See your king comes to you, righteous and having salvation

Gentle and riding on a donkey; on a colt, the foal of a donkey.’ 

(Zechariah 9.9)


Minister: The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone.

All: The LORD has done this, and it is marvellous in our eyes!

Minister: This is the day the LORD has made

All: Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Minister: Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD

All: Hosanna in the highest!

Minister: Give thanks to the LORD for He is good

All: His love endures for ever!


Come, people of the risen King,

Who delight to bring Him praise.

Come, all and tune your hearts to sing

To the Morning Star of grace.

From the shifting shadows of the earth

We will lift our eyes to Him,

Where steady arms of mercy reach

To gather children in.


Rejoice! Rejoice! Let every tongue rejoice!

One heart, one voice, O Church of Christ, rejoice!


Come, those whose joy is morning sun

And those weeping through the night.

Come, those who tell of battles won,

And those struggling in the fight.

For His perfect love will never change,

And His mercies never cease,

But follow us through all our days

With the certain hope of peace.


Come, young and old from every land,

Men and women of the faith.

Come, those with full or empty hands,

Find the riches of His grace.

Over all the world, His people sing,

Shore to shore we hear them call

The Truth that cries through every age;

‘Our God is all in all’.


Prayer of adoration and confession


After silence:

Minister: The LORD Almighty is with us.

All: The God of Jacob is our fortress.

You alone are our God, there is none like You.


Our Father, who art in Heaven,

Hallowed be Thy Name

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the Kingdom, and the power and the glory forever.  Amen.


Bible Reading            John 12.12-19 (p.1079)


Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest!

Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest!

Lord, we lift up your name

With hearts full of praise.

Be exalted, O Lord, my God!

Hosanna in the highest!


Glory, glory, glory to the King of kings!

Glory, glory, glory to the King of kings!

Lord, we lift up your name

With hearts full of praise.

Be exalted, O Lord, my God!

Glory to the King of kings!


Story: Dave the Donkey


Pictures to accompany the story can be found here


Ride on, ride on in majesty!

Hark! all the tribes hosanna cry;

Thine humble beast pursues his road

With palms and scattered garments strowed.


Ride on, ride on in majesty!

In lowly pomp ride on to die:

O Christ, thy triumphs now begin

O'er captive death and conquered sin.


Ride on, ride on in majesty!

The wingèd squadrons of the sky

Look down with sad and wondering eyes

To see the approaching sacrifice.


Ride on, ride on in majesty!

In lowly pomp ride on to die;

Bow your meek head to mortal pain,

Then take, O God, thy power and reign.


A Dave the Donkey Activity book is available here


Bible Reading            John 12.20-36 (p.1080)




Oh, to see the dawn of the darkest day:

Christ on the road to Calvary.

Tried by sinful men, torn and beaten, then

Nailed to a cross of wood.


This, the power of the cross:

Christ became sin for us,

Took the blame, bore the wrath:

We stand forgiven at the cross.


Oh, to see the pain, written on Your face

Bearing the awesome weight of sin;

Every bitter thought, every evil deed

Crowning Your bloodstained brow.


Now the daylight flees, now the ground beneath

Quakes as its Maker bows His head.

Curtain torn in two, dead are raised to life;

‘Finished!’ the victory cry.


Oh, to see my name written in the wounds,

For through Your suffering I am free.

Death is crushed to death, life is mine to live,

Won through Your selfless love.


This, the power of the cross:

Son of God, slain for us.

What a love! What a cost!

We stand forgiven at the cross.


Prayer of thanksgiving and intercession


The Saviour came from heaven above

The Son of God – His Gift of love.

But do you know He came for you, oh do ya?

He came to die and they sang their psalms:

“Here comes our King!” and they waved their palms

As Jesus rode to glory – Hallelujah!


The Servant King rose from His seat

Knelt down and washed His disciples’ feet

You know He’d do the same for you, oh do ya?

They drank His wine and they ate His bread

And stared, perplexed by the things He said

As He shared salvation’s story – Hallelujah!


The Son of Man knew His time was near

He prayed through His tears and untold fear

D’you know how hard it was for Him, well do ya?

A swish of a sword, the kiss of a friend

They dragged Him off, to meet His end

All for the Father’s glory – Hallelujah!


“The King of the Jews?” Pilate sneered

Barabbas was freed, the people cheered

But do you know He took your place, oh do ya?

They nailed Him to a cross to die

“It is finished!” was His final cry.

But it’s not the end of the story – Hallelujah!


The Lord of life lay dead in the cave

The stone and the soldiers guarding His grave

But do you know the power of God, oh do ya?

The angel sang: “He isn’t dead!

He’s alive again – just as He said!”

The Saviour rose in glory – Hallelujah!




Praise is rising,

Eyes are turning to You, we turn to You

Hope is stirring,

Hearts are yearning for You, we long for You

'Cause when we see You

We find strength to face the day

In Your presence

All our fears are washed away, washed away.


Hosanna, Hosanna!

You are the God who saves us;

Worthy of all our praises,

Hosanna, Hosanna!


Come have Your way among us

We welcome You here, Lord Jesus

Hear the sound

Of hearts returning to You, we turn to You

In Your Kingdom

Broken lives are made new, You make us new

'Cause when we see You

We find strength to face the day

In Your presence

All our fears are washed away, washed away. 


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